Hydronic Heating & Cooling

Hydronic Heating & Cooling

Hydronic Heating & Cooling

What is Hydronic Heating & Cooling?

A hydronic heating & cooling system uses water as the heating or cooling transfer medium to heat or cool a room for climate control.

The water is contained in a closed system of water pipes transferring energy from a heating or cooling source to rooms as required. 

What is Solar Hydronic Heating & Cooling?

In using this for space heating, the heat can be delivered underneath your floor and rises naturally so you feel a lovely warmth from a low gentle heat that is not blown at you.

Solar Hydronic heating & cooling makes use of the sun to provide the energy source for hydronic heating and cooling. Therefore, sun and water are the key ingredients of a solar hydronic heating & cooling system.

A heat pump exploits the solar energy transferred to the warm air we breathe, and so can use this energy both day and night, rain and shine. It does not depend on direct radiation from the sun

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There are many solar hydronic heating and cooling source methods available including air and ground source heat pumps, solar plates, and evacuated tubes.

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