How Does Heat Pump Hydronic Cooling Work?

Hydronic Cooling for Homes

If you use a heat pump for Hydronic heating, you can reverse the cycle in summer to send cold water (above the dew point) through your hydronic underfloor circuits or radiators. This provides an effective cooling effect that absorbs heat from the air (does not radiate cooling) and takes this energy away to the heat pump to be cooled.

Hydronic cooling works best:

Heating case study: converting gas to heat pump hydronic

This 1908 weatherboard Edwardian in Melbourne has been renovated, extended and insulated — and is making the switch to all-electric, powered by solar PV and 100% GreenPower.

In a project completed in November 2017, the owners replaced the gas boiler on their existing hydronic heating system with an electric heat pump, while retaining the original 25-year-old radiators.


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